About company

The French company "DESJOYAUX" is specialized in construction of pools. It has about 22-year experience in construction of cast concrete pools in the territory of Russia and CIS and 45-years successful experience in construction of private and public pools in more than 75 countries of the world.   

 "DESJOYAUX" has been accepted as №1 company in production and construction of pools in EUROPE.


Desjoyaux” produces more than 10000 pools every year and realizes nearly 1500 public pools.

It has 450 shops in 75 countries of the world.

It has been proved that every 30 minutes a new “Desjoyaux” pool is built in the world. 

Desjoyaux” pools enable to feel full complex of taking pleasure in water for all family.  

 Desjoyaux” pools are notable for its reliability and availability. 

Construction technology of ”
Desjoyaux” pools not only allows to build new private and public pools, but also to carry out reconstruction of old pools. Use of equipments of “Desjoyaux” pools gives an opportunity to avoid You from necessity to renew all lines of existing construction.


Advantages of construction of ”Desjoyaux” pools: 

  • No any obligatory discharge of water to sewerage; 
  • No any need to additional auxiliary rooms; 
  • Pools are given 10-year warranty; 
  • Pools are hermetic and hygienic; 
  • Equipment filters water taking little parts up to 6 microns; 
  • All kinds of water rides can be installed to “Desjoyaux” pools; 
  • “Desjoyaux” pools may be in any form and size; 
  • “Desjoyaux” pools can be placed in any interior and landscape design;  
  • term of ferroconcrete solid “Desjoyaux” pools is 2 weeks; 
  • “Desjoyaux” pools are very simple and economic in usage.  

The trademark “Desjoyaux” is known in Azerbaijan market for 10 years, but it officially acts since 2005. It has constructed more than 80 private and 15 public pools during recent 5 years. More than 130 pools has been reconstructed in Azerbaijan.


Official distributor of “Desjoyaux” in Azerbaijan is «FUADAKVA» LLC.   

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